albertazzi g. spa - since 1938 a leader in packaging

Graphic Design Dept.
Concept Development, Graphics, Mock-up
Excellence Center
R&D of New Materials, Products, Solutions
Laboratory Analysis
Material and Film’s Testing, Analysis and Certification
Strictly Production Control
High-Technology Devices For High Quality Products
2 Production Sites (10,000 sqm)
BRC - IOP Lev. A standard, Rotographic & Flexographic prints, Lamination
Warehouse Customer Stock, Direct Delivery Service

Packaging creation represents the distinctive characteristic of the company. It is the continuous research and development of technological materials designed to meet the growing needs of the most critical applications for every kind of packaged products, any geographical market and environmental conditions of use: anti-fog, tactile effect also in sleeve version, Surlyn®, etc.

Research for integrated solutions (materials and services) as a function of the specific needs of the customer. To this you add the associated services: development of concepts, graphics, localization, performance tuning machines and the process of packaging of the customer by adapting technical characteristics of the package, protocols specific quality.